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Crete Question-circumnavigating

Hi everyone! We are planning on flying into Heraklion in mid-June and then taking about 6 days to circumnavigate back to Chania, heading east initially. We aren't staying the night in Heraklion--it's great but we've stayed there--but will be arriving around noon and then heading east immediately. We will have a car. My question is this. With 5-6 nights and the distance between Heraklion and Chania to cover (keeping to the coast as much as possible and heading east), where would you overnight/how would you divide those nights? I was roughly thinking 2 nights in Zakros, 3 nights in Matala or Agia Galini, 1 night in Hora Skafion, but I'm totally not set on that. Suggestions? Anyone with experience in Southern or Eastern Crete have any favorites? We've seen the "biggies"-Phaestos, Gortyn, Knossos, etc.--this trip is really about relaxing and enjoying Cretan culture, food, and beaches. Thanks for any advice you may have!

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