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Crete or Paros?

Going to Greece in May. We have a choice of 3 days in Crete or 3 days in Paros. Any recommendations and why? We are also going to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Thanks

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I went to both many, many years ago. I would say if I were to go back, I would go to Crete before Paros. Paros had a wonderful beach, but the history--Knossos-- would draw me back to Crete.


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I've stayed on both islands, and by far the best choice is Crete. It is huge and can handle the tourist traffic better than Paros. You can really get away from it all (rent a car) and have a secluded beach to yourself. Plus the ruins at Knossos are extraordinary and the weather will be warmer.

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I have fond memories of Crete, which has lots to see and do, but would rather spend at least a week there to fit in a few different stops. Fast ferries between Santorini and Crete do make the trip pretty accessible, but may not run daily.

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Crete is huge. It takes a week with a rental car just to barely scratch the surface. Paros is better for a short-term stay, and you can also take the little local shuttle ferry across to Antiparos for a "look-see".

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You'll be going in May during the the off-season. We just returned from Crete this past Oct., another off-season. We stayed in Chania Old Town and it was lovely. However, it was more crowded than we would have preferred. We stayed for 7 days and should have rented a vehicle to see more of western Crete. Paros is much smaller and more in line with what people think of a Greek Island with white-washed houses, narrow lanes and nice beaches. It all depends on what you want from a Greek Experience. If you decide on Crete you'll have a good time but it will be more crowded than Paros and probably a little more expensive. Three days in Crete is way too short, however. That would be fine for Paros. You would be better off doing one island and spend more time enjoying it rather than island hopping and not slowing down and appreciating what you are seeing. Athens is Athens and is great, Mykonos & Santorini are two of the most popular, touristy and crowded islands in Greece, even in May. If you want more of a Greek Experience I would suggest some of the less touristy islands such as Sifnos & Milos. Even Naxos would be a good alternative to Mykonos/Santorini.