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Crete hotel suggestion

We are a family of four (two adults, 2 teenagers) traveling to Crete in June. Do you have any hotel suggestions? We'd like a moderately priced family friendly hotel.

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Hi kmaguire

Hard to know what to respond because Crete is in fact a country ... 160 miles long. It will help if you can be more specific as to locale. If u are not at all familiar with the island, I suggest a quick trip to the library, or browsing thru some travel books at Barnes & Noble. Here is an online map to show you how vast this island is: (click & it gets huuuuge ... do not try to open it up on your phone!). I love this map -- shows ALL roads, plus terrain.

Once u know a little more, you will get the most helpful advice if you can indicate (1) How many days you plan to be in Crete (2) what your specific interests are (just beach? landscapes? Hiking? Ruins?) and (3) What sort of room arrangement do you have in mind? Greece does not have the kind of "Quad" with 2 queen-size beds that u find in the US -- do you want adjoining rooms, or do you hope for a "family suite" that may have a BR + a main room w. 2 daybeds? (4) also What "moderately priced" means to you ... for some it is €50 per double, for others €150 ... and BTW, it helps to think/quote in Euros: here's an instant conversion site:

If u have, say, a week and just want a beach stay, that is one matter. But some who want to spend a week to discover the many highlights of Crete often find that they prefer to rent a car and move around, to stay in at least 2 locations, often 3, in 7 days. If you haven't decided, guidebooks will help you to focus. If you really just want a website for information, this is a splendid one -- very comprehensive -- but again, hard to appreciate on a phone-size screen!

Crete is wonderful in June ... everything's open & running, no crowds, ideal weather. Enjoy!