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Crete Car Rental

I know there are several archived posts about car rental on Crete, but I have a specific question so here goes.

We arrive in the port of Souda (15 minute bus ride outside Chania) at 6am. Our 'plan' (loose) is to spend the first day wandering Chania, maybe visiting a museum or two and otherwise being unstructured. However, I thought that if by the afternoon we wanted to visit the ruins nearby, we could do that... however,

...our ability to potentially do that depends on renting a car that day. Currently this is the plan (its already rented). But Im wondering if we should just wait a day and rent the car later that afternoon or the next morning in Chania to be used thereafter. It seems more straightforward to just catch a bus into town and not have to find parking that day. But the flip side is, is renting in town more complicated (requiring perhaps a bus to the agency, or some other time-suck)?

So, to rent the car the first day at the port, even if we don't use it that day at all, or to start the rental the second day from Chania?


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You've listed your location as NM. Assuming that's New Mexico be sure to go to your local AAA office to pick up an International Driving Permit, no test or membership required. Even if a rental agent doesn't ask for it Greek law requires you present one if asked.

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Which rental agent did you plan to use? The only one I see right at the port of Souda (according to a Google Maps search) is Cheap Chania Rent-a-Car. So if you're going with a local agent, there are more in Chania that could be within walking distance of a town center hotel. I'd lean toward picking up the car on the second day, when you'd more likely be ready to use it, you've gotten to know at least a few streets, and have picked up a local map from the tourist office or your hotel. It sounds like the hotel doesn't provide parking.

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Thanks Lee and Laura,
Yes its New Mexico and yes we are getting the license. We are staying in an apartment, so no parking. Car rental offers drop-off to wherever one arrives. Originally we were arriving at the airport but RyanAir canceled all flights to Crete (no longer flies there) so we switched to an overnight ferry. Once we switched, I started re-thinking the car plan, hence this post :)

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The answer to that depends a little on where your hotel is, ie proximity to the bus station. If you have already arranged for your car you may as well stick to that & just ask the hire company to deliver to the port instead of the airport. You may find the car useful if you want to stop for supermarket groceries, for instance. There is parking in Chania city (some free, most 'pay & display'), you just need to be aware that some hotels right in the old town, on the harbour & in Theotokopoulou street etc are pedestrianised so you'll have to walk a little way. Your accommodation can tell you the nearest parking.

It's usually cheaper to arrange car hire in advance online than on spec in town.

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Thanks. I have already planned a rental car with Dimitris at Autorental Crete. I believe he will deliver it to Chania if we opt to start the rental the second day, rather than to Souda if we start the first day (but I haven't checked as I haven't decided that this is what we want to do). So once I make this decision, I believe we will be able to arrange with him when and where to meet to get the car...

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Having the car at the Port allows you flexibility on that first day to go out and do some sight seeing if you feel you have seen enough of Chania and get restless. Alon you have the cost of a taxi into Chania which might be close to the cost of a day rental.
I seriously doubt that you will be bored in Chania the old town takes at least a day to explore.
Chania May 2016

Based p our experience with Autorentals they can get you to the car or the car to you when and where you need it.