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COVID Testing for US Reentry?

Our family of 5 will be in Milos three days prior to our arrival back in the US. For those of you who have recently been in Greece, would you suggest doing one of the at-home approved virtual COVID tests suggested by the airlines, or would you try and get an in-person PCR test in Milos?

Anyone have experience with these online tests, and how they might work with connectivity on your iPad/iPhone? Thanks for your help in advance!

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An antigen test will suffice for re-entry to U.S. — it doesn’t have to be a PCR test.

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The Athens airport has both PCR and Rapid antigen COVID testing. You don't need an appointment but you do need to pay online before hand. Check to see if Milos has a test site. Our experience in Naxos (a much bigger island) was smooth and we had our PCR results emailed to us within 6 hours of the test - they have an actual PCR machine and do not need to send the test samples to Athens for analysis. While researching our recent trip to Greece it was hard getting actual info from people who had been there recently and found most people using the at home tests for travel were those returning from Mexico. Honestly, the at home tests seem super expensive and cumbersome, but it may be all you have for Milos. Check out the the Athens airport or a quick google search on Milos test sites.

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We are currently in Crete toward the end of our almost 2-week stay. If accepted by your airline back to U.S., I believe the easiest is the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 HOME TEST. Make sure it is the HOME TEST, which is purchased through A pack of 6 tests costs $150.00. I believe the airport or clinic testing is 60 euros per test, so the BinaxNOW HOME TEST is cost effective and convenient. Pack the tests in your carry-on luggage to Greece. Download the NAVICA app on your mobile phone and create an account - this will enable you to display the test results to the airline when you depart back to the U.S.
My husband and I just did the test today in our hotel room in Crete. You go to, and you request a Zoom type of meeting when you need to take the test (within 3 days of departing flight to U.S.). There was no almost no wait time to start the meeting. In the meting an Abbott representative directs you on exactly how to do the rapid test, which will then take about 15 minutes. The results are then sent to your NAVICA app.

Hope this helps!

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Really appreciate the information on this. We ordered the eMed tests yesterday and downloaded the app. Great to hear that it was so easy to use. I was worried. Have a great trip!

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Just be sure to keep the Abbot tests in temps under 80 degrees (it might be 76 actually) i.e. don't leave them in your hot car!

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Just be sure to keep the Abbot tests in temps under 80 degrees (it might be 76 actually)

That might be hard in Greece in August or September