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Covid restrictions and Letter of Recovery

Hello everyone. We are going on a cruise of the Greece Islands in May and are sooooo excited. We are from Canada. All will be 3x vaxed but my 18 year old is only 2x with the last vax ending Aug 15 - which makes him just days over the 270 day (9 months) second vax restrictions. However he has a Letter of Recovery. My 3 questions are:

  • Entry requirements say 9 months for second vax but restaurants,
    events, etc say 7 months? Which one is it or is it different for
    different situations?
    • Can he rely on that letter of recovery to get in him restaurants, events, tourist places (this will be within 180 days (he tested positive late Dec with PCR positive letter from
    • Does the letter need to be translated into Greek?
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Why can't he just get a booster? Then all your problems will be solved.

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Hi elvapatt,

9 months is the duration of the European Vaccination Certificate.
7 months is the duration that greek government have determined the space between the completion of the vaccination and the last booster one. For instance, if more than 7 months have passed from the vaccination you considered as unvaccinated and officially you can t enter in a restaurant.
The letter of recovery expires even earlier (3 months)
You can update yourself here
- Personally I believe you won't have problem to find a restaurant, maybe not the restaurant you wish, but definitely you will find one.
- English is enough

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Thank you so much and yes, it's very helpful. However when I go to the other link you provided it still says recovery letter is within 180 days of testing? Either way, I'm sure by May everything will be fine and as you mentioned, some restaurants will still want our business - we are going to be a large group. Hard to turn away that much money

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There is a ''questions about COVID'' section, if you check out the question about the restaurants you will get your answer. About recovery letter says ''4 months after the initial COVID diagnosis'', actually is 1+3 (recovery letter starts to apply 1 month after the initial diagnosis).
But I believe you won t have any issue as day by day more and more restrictions are lifted.
Have nice holidays in Greece!