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Covid-19 and Santorini


I had planned to travel to Greece June 1st, and go to different islands. Leaving from the US from NY. Well as most of you had to deal with our plane was canceled and we lost allot of money to our travel agency fantasy travel located in Greece.

My question is I have a hotel booked in Santorini (Atlantis Hotel) I don't even know if they are open or not (tried calling and emailing), I unfortunately booked it through nonrefundable. Does anyone know if the ferries and hotels are open on the island? I'm trying to see if I can get a portion refund or anything. As always is useless.

I know everyone is losing out hoping someone can help.

Thank you for your help!

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I saw a report on BBC news last night regarding travel to Greece. They are opening very soon for tourism, the mainland first then the islands following. A test is required upon arrival and you're sent to a hotel to await results. If I personally went back, I would fly to Santorini. We thought the ferries were a waste of time, it was too windy to be on deck and the interior seats didn't always have windows. Perhaps you could find the video in their archives. Say hello to that breathtaking island for me when you get there!

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Greece is opening only to residents of a very short list of countries in June -- and the US is not on it.

You may be able to get a credit voucher from the hotel if you catch them open. Remember to account for the time zone difference when you call as they may not be staffed 24/7 right now or they may not be open at all with the lockdown in Greece.

And if is always useless, why do you use them?

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Thank you so much everyone I will keep trying to contact them. Yes lesson drilled in.

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It’s a rapidly changing situation, but from what I understand, Greek hotels remain closed. The ferries only started running this week and numbers travelling by boat are severely restricted. They anticipate the tourist season will start 1 July when their borders reopen.

If you booked through, you will have to take up the issue of a refund with them, not the hotel itself.

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What I heard yesterday was that they are opening to tourists on June 15, and yes, only from a very few countries, Baltics by land, several by air into Athens, including Germany and Israel (I'm hopeful I'll be able to return in the fall).

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I was able to contact Atlantis hotel in Santorini through facebook, they are opening July 1st. So they will not be open June 3rd when we were supposed to visit. They have canceled my reservation with a refund. Thank you everyone for your help <3