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Cosmote plan for visitors

Hello all,

We will be in Greece for about 10 days and would like to buy a domestic SIM. In looking at the available plans, it is very confusing. I need a plan that SMS, voice and data bundled. I can't seem to find a bundle that has all three. There are voice + internet and just SMS. Do I need to buy a voice + data package and then add a SMS package? I estimate we will need say 100 SMS, 100 minutes and 1 Gig of data (mostly for google maps route navigation). I am not stuck to Cosmote and open to any provider. Has anyone had any experience using google maps on your phones and does it work pretty well? Would you recommend renting a GPS unit instead?

Is there a Germanos store at the ATH airport selling Cosmote SIMs? I see conflicting information doing a google search.

We will be traveling to France a month later. Do the new Euro roaming laws mean I can use the same SIM? How does it impact costs?


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"We will be traveling to France a month later. Do the new Euro roaming laws mean I can use the same SIM? How does it impact costs?"

Whether or not you can use your Greek SIM in France is determined by the terms of your plan. The new roaming laws don't affect that. What the new law changes is that, if your plan does roam to France, it has to cost the same as using it in Greece.

Be aware that it can be difficult or impossible to refill a SIM outside it's "home country." For instance, a friend has a UK SIM, and their website only works with his Amex; it didn't take Visa or Mastercard. I once had a French SIM for which I was never able to get the refill website to work. When you're in a country, there are always lots of ways to refill a domestic SIM; once you leave the country you bought it in, you're dependent on the website. So, if you can't refill the Greek SIM in France, you will have to buy a new SIM in France.

In addition to any replies you get here, you can look at Prepaid GSM. Here's their information page on Greek providers:

And here's their Greece forum. Note that information here can get VERY technical - don't be afraid to ask for clarification:

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Yes, there is a Germanos store at the Athens Airport in the secure departures retail area right behind the Aegean Airlines ticket counters.

Vodafone and Wind are two other major mobile services providers in Greece.