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Corinth or Nafplio or Cape Sounion???

We have another day in Athens and would like to do either a full day or 1/2 day to visit another place outside of Athens. I have read up on the 3 areas mentioned and I'm clueless on which to pick....HELP! Also, how best to visit them? Take a tour (they all seem pricey) or rent a car or public transport?

Thank you!

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I only know of Nafplio and we loved it. Worth an overnight if you can swing it. You can take a bus or drive, your choice. The car will allow you to stop at other sights on the way, but, you’ll have to navigate Athens traffic coming and going.

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I have been to both Nafplio and Corinth. If you intend to spend the night I would say Nafplio is far superior. However, if you are doing a really quick day trip then I would recommend Corinth. The ruins are not well signed in comparison to other locations however I found it spectacular & the site is quite large. Also, there is an acropolis above ancient Corinth with an impressive medieval fortress that looks interesting. When we went up the mountain the fortress was closed. Lastly, in truth 1 day is not enough to go to Nafplio IMHO. These trips are best executed with a rental car.


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I did a half day tour to Corinth (the ruins) through Fantasy Travel. Cost me around 60€, leaving Athens about 8 am, returning around 1.30. There was a stop at the canal and then on to the site. You could either tour the site with the guide (ours was excellent) or wander around by yourself. We spent a couple of hours at the site before returning to Athens. What I liked about the site was that it was not crowded and a lot to see. I think that Fantasy do a full day trip that goes to Acrocorinth. Some tours take you on a boat trip through the canal before going to the ruins.l

I thoroughly enjoyed Corinth. It was interesting driving through the outskirts of Athens where empty buildings, closed factories and abandoned building sites really bought home the impact the recession has had

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I'd say for a day trip go to Corinth. Nafplio is better if you can stay at least one night and use as a base for Mycenae, Epidavros, and other nearby sights.

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There a busesalmost every hour to Nafplio. Take an early one and you will have virtually the whole day in Nafplio. This is a very inexpensive way to do Nafplio. The old town central area plus the two Venetian fortresses Palamidi and Bortuzzi, will take you a day.
Nafplio and Peloponnese

If you decide to rent a car you have to pass Corinth so stop at the canal, Ancient Corinth and although no one has mentioned it, Ancient Nemia which had sister games to Olympia is also right there about a two minute drive off of the National road. Nemia still has its stadium. Total time to visit Corinth sites and drive to Nafplio probably 4 to 5 hours so you will still have the afternoon for Nafplio.
By the way when we rent a car we take the Metro to the airport and rent there./ This means you are on the National road immediately and do not have to drive in Athens.

Images of all this in the album above.

Oh yes I recently read that Nemia is closed for the winter so if you are doing this trip before May there is no point in stopping at Nemia.

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Thank you everyone for your guidance! It looks like I'm leaning towards Corinth/Nafplio depending on how we get there (car or bus).