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Considering a trip to Italy and Greece in August - good or bad idea?

We are considering a trip to Rome and Venice then fly to Athens and on to one or two Islands (really want to see Santorini as one) - I keep getting information that Mid - August is a terribly crowded time to go to Greek Islands - has anyone had any experiience with this?

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I have never gone in August, but that is when many European sunseekers take their beach vacations. You probably need to reserve ahead for hotels, which I don't do in the islands at off-peak times. If you go to a less popular island, maybe one you never heard of, then the crowds should be less. It is also possible to escape the crowds if you leave the main towns, probably by renting a car or scooter. There is also more bus and ferry service in August than at any other time.

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I've been there twice in August. Never Again. Athens is a hot and sticky mess then and the islands are extremely crowded.

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RS offers a 14 day Greece tour that I am taking later this month. When choosing a date for taking this tour, I noticed that none were scheduled for most of July and August. I called the RS headquarters and was told that it is just too darn hot and muggy that time of year in Greece.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. After much more research I believe we will being taking our August trip to a cooler part of Europe (London, Paris and Switzerland) and save Greece for October or April.

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