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Comparison of Tours to Greece

We took RS to Ireland and it was incredible! We were leaning towards doing the Greece tour but the Adventures Abroad (which was suggested to us) looks interesting as well. How do they compare, for those of you who have done both tour companies?

They appear to be comparably priced, but I did notice the Adventures Abroad tour includes all breakfast and dinners, and had a smaller tour group. Are the hotels and meals comparable to RS? Do you prefer one over the other? Also, we are contemplating either September or October of this year or May of next - any advise in that regard?

Thank you so much for your time and I really do appreciate your thoughts and experiences. My passion in life is travelling and I make it my "mission" to try to be as informed a traveler as possible and rely on other seasoned travelers to help me make the right choices.

As happy as we were with our RS tour to Ireland, we are not sure we want to try anyone else but respect advise from "seasoned travelers" as are those of you on this RS forum.

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On my first trip to Europe in 2001 I took a RS 21 Day Best of Europe Tour. I was so impressed with everything about the tour that I have taken another 11 of his tours. I tend to stick with something I am overly impressed with and have never been disappointed with any of his tours. I will be taking my 12th RS tour this May when I go to Greece. Glad you enjoyed his Ireland tour, I did too.

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I have only taken one Adventures Abroad tour but a friend has taken a lot and thoroughly recommends them. My own experience with them was very positive but it doesn't really give a good comparison to an RS tour as it was to Libya (a few years prior to the uprising). However, I was very impressed by the fact that my trip went ahead with only 2 people after the Libyan government refused visas to the 11 American registrants. The tour itself was excellant, as was the guide (a Libyan).

I have taken 3 Rick Steves trips to Italy and enjoyed them. I like the fact that there is free time to explore independently and also you are encouraged to go out and get your own meals and try the cuisines of the areas. Mind you, I have no problem in leaving any group if I want to explore or eat on my own (if you do this, make sure you let the tour leader know).

If you want some beach time I would think September is better than spring - the sea is warm enough for swimming and the weather is usually still pretty warm (hot). May is a lovely time in Greece as the wildflowers are out - but it can be surprisingly cold and wet. Some people have suggested that in the heavily tourist areas service can be grumpy in September as everyone is getting tired from the long tourist season.

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We did a great TAUCK tour of Greece and Turkey, three years ago. It was part land and part cruise.