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College Spring break Greece trip from Italy- planning help ?

Just wanting to get advice on how to divide 9 days in Greece (probably flying into Athens f rom Rome) into time spent seeing some of Athens and some of the islands? What is a Good sampler itinerary for two college students in early March. Also, are public ferries the best way to get between the islands?

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Typically, many tourist-oriented businesses won't be open until sometime around Greek Easter, which is April 12. Most islands will be dead quiet in early March, just so you know, but if you stick to the most populated areas on Crete or Rhodes you will have plenty to see and do. Both these islands are very large, especially Crete, and require a minimum of a week to explore. Ferries are practically the only way to get between islands. Inter-island flights are very rare. Most flights require a return to Athens for a plane change, which can get very expensive.

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Kmaca, you puzzle me??? Here u are talking about 2 college students, but in another posting you ask for advice for "two 50-year-old active women" looking for 12-day Italy Itinerary late March thru early April. Which is it? When I see "College Student" I think 19-22 years old, looking for shoestring budget, willing/able to sleep on corridor carpet on overnight ferries, to save a few €€ for nightlife.

If u want the best advice, please share the key details, including where you'd plan to fly out from and on what day. Also, are these 2 "college students" (age 20 or 50?) interesting in ancient history, landscapes, what? Able financially or otherwise to rent a car on a large island for a couple of days? I agree, as usual, with Brotherlee, Crete OR Rhodes (not both) your best bet ... and you can make the most of your time if you snag an overnight ferry... leaving 6-ish from Piraeus, Crete one(s) landing either Chania or Heraklion about 7 am ... Rhodes, ditto in Rhodes city. After the island stays, back to mainland, a few days in Nafplio area of Peloponnese (Very accessible via Intercity bus). Arrange it so yuo don't stay 2x in Athens... that eats precious time. Sample itierary:

(1) RHODES choice -- Arrive ATH airpor (midday?) 6 pm ferry, arrive Rhodes town 7 AM day #2. Day 2-3-4 Rhodes Old Town, & Lindos, Rest of island not that accessible w.o. car. Evening Day #4, O'nite ferry back to Piraeus. Day 5-6, Athens Sightseeing.
Day 7, 8 AM Ktel Bus to Nafplio (2.5 hours) arrive 10:30 am. Day 7 - 8 - AM day 9 ... Exploring Nafplio, side bus trip to Epidaurus (takes 1/2 day local bus), and closer by, Fortress of Tiryns (similar to Mycenae. Noon -- bus back to Athens, go direct to Airport for your flight?? (details depending of course on facts we don't have).

(2) CRETE choice -- Arr ATH airport (midday?) overnite ferry to CHANIA arrive 7 AM day #2. Day 2 & 3, Chania & environs, AM day #4 to Heraklion... either explore city or see KNOSSOS. Evening day #4 -- O'nite ferry Pireause Days 5 -9 follow above.

NOTE: Budgeteering students get "Economy" tickets snooze on ferry carpets. We (ahem) women of a certain age can book 2 bunks in a 4-bunk all-female cabin on these large ferries, quite reasonable when u consider its also your hotel budget for that night.

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Hi Janet,

In response to " kmaca, you puzzle me!"....

: ) You are absolutely right to be puzzled, but I am indeed talking about two different trips! (I am surprised you noticed that kmaca sent both questions! ) I sent this one on behalf of my daughter as she is struggling to set up her own trip -- My daughter, who is 20, and a college student studying abroad, will be traveling with another 20 year old girlfriend to Greece , before I even arrive. I thought I would throw out the question for advice on the Greece forum.
So yes, MY questions about Italy were for my 50 year old friend and myself to travel to Italy, just as I had indicated.

Thanks you for your tips. I am copying them to pass on to her. I don't know what all they will be interested in hence the reference to "college aged". I suppose just the "major" sights - without any great depth in archeology or the other wonders Greece offers :)

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Good -- thanks for clearing up my puzzlement! If you have any questions from these 2 kids, pass them along.