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A new article discusses the situation on Santorini. It's short on details but July 1 is the date on which flights are expected to resume. They don't have a date for cruise ships yet.

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No cruise ships-this would be the best time to go if it's possible.

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Without tourists that island would have to be in serious economic trouble.

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People from Santorini are likely not in as much economic trouble as you think they are. I find it interesting for places like Hawaii or Santorini almost invariably one of the first responses to our quarantine or the fact that we are slow rolling tourism is immediate concern trolling about our economy (not saying you are doing this Frank, just making a general statement). And certainly there is economic pain, but not distributed evenly.

Because what people don't seem realize because they have a very skewed perspective of places like Santorini and Hawaii is that these places rely on vast armies of people not from these places to serve the vast armies of tourists who come visit. This has always been my critique of places like Santorini and also Hawaii. Like, why are people going here? Basically the average tourist in these locales is only interacting with other tourists, and often the majority of people who are serving them are not even from the place. In Greece, I can't tell you how many times I have ordered in Bulgarian. Here in Hawaii basically all the cute little haole eye candy girls from the mainland that the rich white people who can afford to come here like to see with plumerias in their hair? They're gone. They are the first to be fired. They went back home to Colorado, or Oregon, or Michigan or wherever they came from. And the people from here? They are making sure their brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, friends etc get the jobs.

And I am sure it's the same thing with Santorini. Most of the people that work there are low paid kids from SE Europe. The people from Santorini? They often own their own land. Truly locally-owned tavernas? They likely still have customers. Now certainly if you are Hugh from England and you bought a B&B for 1,500,000 euros in 2018 you are in trouble. But the people from the place have seen this story before a half dozen times and are hunkered down riding out the storm.

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We saw that article too. It made us optimistic that our Sept trip to Greece will go forward and will not involve hoards of other tourists.

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Ifksk, on our first visit to Santorini in 2005 we met Bulgarians at the rental car office, in restaurants and hotels. We had spent two weeks in Greece by the time we arrived in Santorini and felt like we weren’t in Greece anymore.

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We were on Santorini and Naxos for a week in mid-July. It was a dream, especially on Santorini.

Our AirBnB hosts were clearly stressed as they were getting about 40% of their normal business and having to do many tasks, such as cleaning, themselves.

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so did anyone go to Santorini this month? when you went there what did you do, Milos is a great alternative too though!