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A new article discusses the situation on Santorini. It's short on details but July 1 is the date on which flights are expected to resume. They don't have a date for cruise ships yet.

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No cruise ships-this would be the best time to go if it's possible.

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Without tourists that island would have to be in serious economic trouble.

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We saw that article too. It made us optimistic that our Sept trip to Greece will go forward and will not involve hoards of other tourists.

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Ifksk, on our first visit to Santorini in 2005 we met Bulgarians at the rental car office, in restaurants and hotels. We had spent two weeks in Greece by the time we arrived in Santorini and felt like we weren’t in Greece anymore.

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We were on Santorini and Naxos for a week in mid-July. It was a dream, especially on Santorini.

Our AirBnB hosts were clearly stressed as they were getting about 40% of their normal business and having to do many tasks, such as cleaning, themselves.

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so did anyone go to Santorini this month? when you went there what did you do, Milos is a great alternative too though!