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Clothing in Greece in October

What clothes should my wife and I pack for a week-long tour of the Greek Islands in October?

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October can be very changeable in Greece. Early in the month could still be beach weather, but you may also find lots of rain as I did a few years back. Evenings will be cooler by the end of the month.

Pack layers including a waterproof.

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When in October? Could be a difference between beginning and end of month. I have experienced October in Crete with temps in the high 80’s and October in Rhodes 70’s. Light jacket for evenings and ferry trips. Shorts for daytime, slacks for evening. Light folding rain jacket “just in case”. Bathing suits, yes, may still be beach weather. Are you on a cruise? May want something dressier for evening depending on cruise line.

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I have traveled to Greece, early, mid and late-October and for the most part the weather was sunny, mild and just a bit of rain, but no washouts. I have been going to Greece every October since 2010.

Most days are short-sleeve shirts, even at night with maybe a light jacket depending on where you are in Greece. A rain coat is advisable just in case but I have rarely used one.

Where in Greece you go also plays a part of what to bring. Anything south of Athens in the mainland and most islands of central and southern Aegean will still be very comfortable and you can even take a dip in the Aegean.

As someone who lives in the Northeast of the US I find Greece in October so much more comfortable than back home and since you are from Indiana you'll probably feel the same. I could never take a dip in the Atlantic here in NH in October but I have gone to the beach in many parts of Greece in October and it was wonderful!

Obviously, no guarantees on weather since so much of what we consider normal is no longer normal . . . but I think you'll be fine.

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Once the sun goes down it can be rather cool if you're near the water, especially if there's a breeze.

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We ended our trip the 3rd week of September in Santorini. It was starting to cool down in the evening. Needed a light sweater by then.

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Could be hot, could be chilly, could be both in one week. The water should still be reasonably warm. Take swimming shoes - sandy beaches aren't common.