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Christmas and New Years in Greece

Hello. We are just starting to talk about where to spend Christmas, New Years, and one teen-aged child's birthday and all want to travel to Greece. We would fly into Athens and spend some time there but want to visit a couple of islands too (or some other option we haven't considered). On the table are both Crete and Rhodes ...

We would like to structure the trip to include meaningful/interesting/local celebrations of each of those holidays and any other festive days at that time of the year. Please share any information you have about celebrating Christmas and New Years anywhere in Greece.

Also, our priorities are historical sites/museums, food and fishing. We have a ten-year-old obsessed with fishing everywhere we go. :)

The five children - ages 6 - 18 - are all hardy, experienced travelers who love to engage with locals and do everything from museums to backpacking.

Thank you for your help.

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We spend every Christmas and New Year in Greece and have written up some of our thoughts on our website.

A lot of the smaller islands are very quiet at that time of year but Crete is a good choice (and warmer). We've also been to Syros at that time, which was lively. I'm not a fan of Rhodes but other people might disagree!

Not an island but Nafplio on the Peloponnese is a great place with quiet a lot going on over the holiday. Nafplio is a real favourite of a lot of people on this site and I'm sure they will have comments. We also have some pages on the town generally and good walks and places to eat.

Can't help with the fishing I'm afraid, not really my thing, but you'll see plenty of people fishing pretty much everywhere you go in Greece. Certainly a lot do around the headland and on the breakwater in Nafplio.