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chip and pin credit card?

Will my old standby magnetic strip still be accepted in Athens and on the islands? We do not have a chip and pin card, just a debit card for ATM's and the old school magnetic strip card. My cc company doesn't make a chip card yet. As long as I can find a clerk to allow me to sign, will my card be accepted?

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Probably-just remember that Greece is pretty much a "cash" place. I hope other will chime in, but we did cash pretty much everywhere, except for our hotel bill. There were plenty of ATMs, so we didn't have any trouble there. We didn't feel pick -pocketing was an issue there, although some of the Greek "experts" on TA really advise caution.

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The only place where you can't use a magnetic card might be automated ticket machines (which might accept cash) and unattended gas stations, that sort of thing. You might have to tell the person that it is not a chip, or "No chip, no PIN" so they know to run the card manually. On occasion a person doesn't know how to run it manually and you're out of luck. ATM/debit cards work just fine in ATM machines.

As the above poster noted, you won't find as many places accept credit cards at all, or for small purchases.

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I was in Greece, mainly in Athens, in May and June of this year. I used a debit card tied to a credit union checking account that charges 1% total fees, for getting local currency at ATM machines that I found all over the place. I took a magnetic strip CC but only used it once to pay for one hotel bill - no problems. Most everywhere we went the locals wanted cash which we almost always use when going to Europe every summer for 12 of the last 13 years. Try to get a debit card to use in ATM machines and pay with cash.

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We are in Greece now ( Crete and Santorini ). To ditto what everyone says- Greece is a cash country. Hotels and better restaurants take credit cards - no chip no problem. Unmanned gas stations require a chip. With Capital One you pay no conversion fee and with their high yield checking you pay only $1 for ATMs.

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Looks like you've got all the answers above. I had the same experience: used cash as much as I could, ATMs worked fine, credit cards will be fine except maybe in automated machines. They are pretty used to us not having the chip and pin so can swipe it with a signature receipt. Have a great trip!