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Cell service in Greece for U.S. T-mobile customers?

Hi all,

I'm based in the U.S. and have T-Mobile as my cell service provider. T-Mobile technically provides free data and messaging overseas to all of its U.S. customers, however, when I was in Italy last year, I found service to be spotty at times.

Was wondering if any of you have been able to get decent service in Athens or Nafplio on a T-Mobile account?

I'm specifically curious about whether GPS will work on my phone, as we'll be renting a car and I'm hoping not to need a standalone GPS unit.

Any info/advice appreciated.


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Smartphones get most of their GPS info from overhead satellites, so it's not essential that you have a constant signal from a cell tower to determine your location. Your smartphone will work fine driving for driving purposes.

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Just returned from Greece. T - Mobile worked fine, including as a gps.