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Car Rental and Ferries

Hi All,
Thinking a head for a vacation of about 16 days in two years time (May 2017).
I was wondering if it made more sense to rent a car right out of Athens airport, or near Piraeus, then use the same car while traveling to different islands. We hope to go to Rhodes, Patmos, possibly Leros, and Naxos. After the islands, come back and see Napfilo, maybe go north to Delphi, then finish our trip in Athens. Are their ferries that go to all islands that can take a car? Does it make sense to fly fist to the farthest point (Rhodes?) then rent a car and take it around the islands and return to Athens (using the same rental agency)? Or, do we rent a car island by island? Do all of these mentioned have car rentals? May is not as busy, I realize, as July and August, however, we would feel better having something lined up before we go (obviously not this far out though!). Thanks for your insight.

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It makes no sense to take one with you. Cars are easily found to rent on every island. Transporting a car on a ferry is expensive and may not even be allowed by the rental company.

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The Greek car rentals that I've looked at and booked through Auto Europe (a broker for several major rental agencies) did not allow the cars onto ferries (nor to cross any borders). You could book ahead for the mainland car rental and if you're certain of wanting a car on a particular island. On other islands, local buses could be adequate for your plan, as well as cars available as you go.