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Car or taxi service to airport in athens

Hi I am hoping someone can help us by providing the names and phone numbers of reliable car or taxi services that we can make advanced arrangements with now for our trip to Greece in 3 wks. We will be staying in an apartment in the Kolonaki section of Athens and will need to get to Athens airport for a late morning flight. We will have 2 large suitcases and 2 smaller ones and there are 2 of us. Thanks all!

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Are you flying into Athens as well? How are you getting to the apartment?

We rented an apartment and the owner provided a shuttle service each way -- for a fee, of course.

Perhaps your owner/manager can recommend someone.

I did find lots of taxi and shuttle services listed by Googling something like: Athens airport transfer (or taxi or shuttle).

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Unfortunately the apt. Owner/manager does not know of or provide transportation to and from the airport. I figured we could take a cab from the airport in Athens to the apt. But need to prearrange a car service from the apt. Back to the airport.

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You have three options: bus (cheapest) Metro (great deal, low price) taxi (most convenient, but most expensive)

It all depends on your time of arrival, comfort level, budget, and where there are bus stops and/or metro stops.

The bus will drop you off at Syntagma Square and it all depends on how far you have to walk from there to your accommodations.

There is a Metro station at Syntagma Square with the same benefits.

Taxi will take you from the airport and drop you off at your accommodation. Basic price for taxi will be about 38 euros during regular hours, but 54 euros if very late/early morning hours.

We always use the Metro for 8 euros, 4 for senior citizens which will drop you off at central points in Athens. Even with suitcases it's doable but a little effort on your part. Since the Metro at the airport is the start of the run to Athens you'll have excellent choice of seats so you can have your luggage right next to your.

The bus will be a little more challenging, but very cheap and will take a little longer but will drop you off right near Syntagma Square. How far it is from your accommodations will make deciding whether it's right for you.

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Prices have gone up on the metro, as with all the sites. Metro ticket for 2 from the airport to Monastiraki is now 14 Euros. The Acropolis ticket for the major sites is now 20 Euros as of 2 weeks ago. Metro is easy to used, clean, and safe, we thought.

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We used the public transportation option as was excellently described in RS Guide Book when we arrived at the airport and traveled into and and back from Athens. We each had one carryon sized suitcase that we had checked and one smaller sized case that we had taken onto the airplane that contained stuff we did not want to loose. I am not a rocket scientist but I have used public transportation in Europe for 12 years before arriving in Greece and had NO problem following RS directions. Good luck. We certainly enjoyed visiting Greece.

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Thanks Lo. I actually did an internet search as you suggested and found Sunttransfers as an option. Same cost as taxi but can pick us up at our apt. at our designated time and bring us to the airport so that seems like a good airport transport option for us with the amt. of luggage and not a close proximity to Syntagma Square. Unless that is, anybody has heard they are unreliable or have poor service, then by all means, please let us know. We too have travelled to different countries in Europe and use the metro systems and they are pretty easy to figure out so glad to hear the same is true for Athens. Im sure we will use the metro to get around the city if need be. Thanks all!

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I hope it's not too late for my reply!
I would suggest the metro, because it's very cheap, but on the other hand I understand how it would be much easier to pre-book a cab. I could suggest a taxi company that has logical prices and you can make your pre-booking on their site or on the phone:

Hope that helps! Enjoy!

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The above person has only done 2 posts, and both were to plug that lion taxi service. It's probably an OK service, but I would tend to disregard a "suggestion" that is probably a promo from a local person.

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I loved using the metro direct to/from airport. Buy the pass at the airport (for a great value, get a tourist pass that includes the direct airport train) and then you can explore at will. I had the 3 day tourist pass and had a blast. The one taxi I took to a residence had a hard time finding it. The pass lets you use everything, and met some tourists from my hometown, saw gypsy kids playing accordion in train, and got some Athens scenery(went past an Olympic stadium). Easy to use the metro, like many US trains, buses and all were easy and a great experience.. Maybe do a hybrid like I did my first day, train into Athens, taxi to home. Good luck