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Car in Crete - ANNA, A.N.E, AutoRentalsCrete?

Hi folks,

I'll be getting an early jump on Spring this year and will be spending 3 1/2 weeks in Crete, before heading to Budapest in May. I'm starting off solo in Chania, where I'll spend Easter.

I have received competitive quotes for a 16/17 days rental, starting after Easter. Trying to get unbiased reports on these Cretan companies is not easy, but all 3 seem to have had some genuine positive reviews on other boards and feature newish cars:

ANNA Cars, A.N.E Car Hire, AutoRentalsCrete

Have any of you had experience with either of these? How was it?

What draws me to dealing with a Cretan company this time:

  1. Price - I'd be saving at least 200 euros off the total rental for a manual w/ 2nd driver, as compared to a big int'l.

  2. Coverage - 0 deductible + full coverage (theft, windows, tires, etc.) + 24hr assistance

  3. Flexible pick-up/drop-off locations (one-way, hotel, etc.)

2 of the 3 give me the option of getting the car in Chania on Easter Monday, or in Heraklion the next day. I'll be dropping it off at HER the day before I fly to Budapest.

I'll be either taking the bus from Chania to Heraklion or paying an extra rental day + a 35 euro one-way fee to do it by car. I have a friend flying into HER late that night, so we'll be staying in a downtown Heraklion hotel.

Since it's Easter Monday - what do you think I should do? Take the bus from Chania, or get the rental car one day early? Thanks!

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Who did you make your car reservation with/
We are heading over from YYZ on May 14.

We were in Budapest in late Nov. last year for the Xmas markets - you will enjoy that city!


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Hi mj,
I decided to rent from ANNA Cars. The owner was very good at responding to my e-mails. The car will be dropped off for me at my hotel in Heraklion. I leave later today and I'm really looking forward to this trip!