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Car access in santorini

We're staying in fira for 6 nights and plan to visit the southern beaches. Can they be accessed by car. Is there sufficient parking? Advice on renting car vs ATV is appreciated.


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The beaches are easily accessed by car, ATV, taxi, bus or motorbike, no problem. There are lots of places to park, including on the streets, as long as there aren't any no-parking signs nearby and all vehicles can easily pass by, including the large tour buses.

ATVs are fun but can be top-heavy and dangerous for a beginner. Renting a car also gives you someplace to lock away your belongings when you begin your exploration by foot.

If you live outside the EU be sure to bring an International Driving Permit with you. They're available from your local auto club office.

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We have rented a car for Santorini for our upcoming trip to Greece in 3 wks. 99 percent of the cars are manual rather than automatic transmission. Incase thats an issue for you, we did manage to find an automatic transmission car from Avis that we are renting. Enjoy Santorini!

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I'd suggest renting a car, as that's a much more efficient and comfortable way to get around. The Quads are very slow, so it will take some time to get from one place to another. If you get stuck behind a herd of those things, you'll probably be muttering a few choice words.

As Lee mentioned, be sure to have an International Driver's Permit for driving in Greece.