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Cancellation of Trip - How to get Aegean Airlines to let me rebook

I'm hoping someone can help me. My mother and I had planned a trip to Greece for this past April. My father was diagnosed with cancer so we had to cancel. All of the hotels, Delta, etc were really wonderful with letting us cancel on short notice. I am having a problem with Aegean Airlines. We have about $800 tied up with them. They asked that I send documentation of my father's illness and my birth certificate but so far I have not had any luck with them writing or calling me back.

Does anyone know what I can do or who I can talk to? We just want the money to be available to us so we can rebook the tickets because we hope to go in September.

Thank you for any help!!

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Have you tried calling their customer service telephone number lately? In the past I've found them to be very helpful, although not with anything that required extra paperwork documentation, just with basic schedule changes and cancellations. It may be necessary to call again and ask for the name of someone to whom you can directly send those documents by FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc. That way you'll have tracking numbers and delivery confirmation. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you.

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Lee's advice sounds right. For nonrefundable tickets, the airline is not under any obligation to accommodate changes, but you had some encouragement already, so keep trying. When I have read various ombudsmen reports, these things seem to take months to resolve.