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Can i get new sim cards on airport?

Does the Athens airport have somewhere that sells SIM cards? My friend and I have a 9 hr layover at the airport before catching a domestic flight to skiathos, and we are hoping to buy a SIM card for our travels while we are there. We are also visiting skopelos.

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Perhaps others will see your question here. But in case you missed it, here is my reply on your last post.

In answer to your last question, it did in July when I was there. A small spot (I looked and then had to ask) landside and they took care of putting the SIM card in my phone for me and getting it set up. I was flying on to Santorini after arrival - on a separate ticket - so had to exit immigration, get a sim, then check in again for my next flight. If you get there and you have bought a flexible ticket, see if there is an earlier flight to Skiathos you can change to.

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More of another question rather than a follow up.

If I get a SIM card for my phone do I keep my same phone number or do I get another number in Greece?

I'm more concerned with texting back home (USA) and I'm wondering if the SIM card will work with my contacts.

If I get a SIM card it will only be for any emergency phone calls in Greece like my car rental broke down or I need to contact my accommodations if I'm running late.

It is my understanding that if I have wi-fi access my cell phone will work for texting/internet even without a SIM card but not for calls

I'm more concerned with texting back home.

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You will get a new phone number with a new SIM card. Your current phone number will be on the SIM card you have to remove to put the European one in your phone. The new SIM gives you the chance to make local calls, restaurants etc. We get an International plan for my husband’s phone to text USA and call when there are emergencies and I put a European SIM in my phone for local use.