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Camping on the Peloponnese?

We'll be touring mainland Greece for about a month later this spring via a rental car. We have a general route planned but other than Athens are not planning to pre-book any accommodations in order keep our tour flexible. We're considering bringing a tent and sleeping bags with us, in order to provide us with more flexibility and maybe to save a little money so that were not in a room or hotel every night. I'll also note that we both enjoy sleeping outdoors so not a huge hardship.

My questions; is it worth lugging this extra gear around? Are camping locations plentiful on the Peloponnese? Are there many places to just pull up and pitch a tent? Some research has identified a few pay to stay camp grounds but not much else. Are there campgrounds analogous to Forest Service Campgrounds I'm used to in Alaska and the West Coast of the U.S.?

Thanks for your help! -Ryan

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Greece has a lot of cheap accommodations, such as private rooms/dhomatia, so at least outside the high summer season, camping would not be a necessary budget strategy for most people. Rick has generally advised that a trip be either all camping or no camping, rather than carrying camping gear you may not use much. Most camping web sites, such as, will remind you that free camping is not allowed.