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Buses in Greece - Athens to Zakynthos

Hi all

Can anyone shed some light on what buses are like in Greece, specifically from Athens to Zakynthos?

We need to go from Santorini to Zakynthos so will fly to Athens, but because of the price I didn't want to fly from Athens to Zakynthos). But in saying that it is tempting to just fly because I found out the bus trip from Athens to Zakynthos is 4 hours + 1.5 hours on the ferry, where I'm sure the flight is 1 hour.

Any thoughts?

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Four hours is probably optimistic. The times and prices to Zakynthos from Athens are right at the bottom of this list

Obviously the bus takes longer but, unless you can time your flights to connect, remember to factor in your time to the airport (at least 45 minutes) and check in times. Also, of course, you get to see much more of the country if you travel by bus and ferry.

To some extent it comes down to personal taste and how important saving time is to you. Personally I prefer being immersed in the Greek atmosphere of buses and ferries more than the international atmosphere of an airport and aircraft.

Have a great time whatever you do.


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I see flights from Athens to Zakynthos on Agean/Olympic for $80 (in June). Although I've been happy with Greek buses, I'd probably choose the flight, being careful to allow enough connection time, or preferably booking both flights at the same time, on one ticket.