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Bus from Cape Sounion back to Athens

Yes, still planning to go to Greece! Does anyone know about the availability of a bus or bus/tram back to Athens from Cape Sounion that runs after sunset? I have heard that the sunset there is quite stunning. We will take the Coastal Tram part of the way there, but I recall reading somewhere that night time bus runs were uncertain. Thanks! Trip is in early fall.

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There is a KTEL site which has bus times but, I think, is only in Greek. It's here

It has a drop down menu so you can check the times. There are two routes back from Sounio. The coastal road is called, in Greek, σοuνιο παραλιακοσ and the inland one σοuνιο μεσαγιακοσ.

The coastal one is the better choice and buses back to Athens (Αθηνα) are hourly on the hour until 21.00.

Sunset of course depends on the time of year you are going ;-)

I would probably get the bus there as well, rather than use the tram part of the way, unless you are staying on the coast somewhere.


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Thank you, Alan! I think I will definitely try to get t Cape Sounion!