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Booking a sleeping cabin on Hellenic Seaways

Hey everyone!

I'm looking at booking an overnight ferry for 2 people, and want to book a sleeping cabin. On the booking page, it says the ticket is around 79 euro for one person, yet it doesn't give the option to book 2 people for 79 euro total, just 79 each. Since I could book it for myself at that price, shouldn't I be able to book 2 people for that price? Would I need to just book one economy ticket and one cabin ticket? Or do I need to book 2 cabin tickets, which doesn't make much sense to me. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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Travel dates, gender of passengers, port of departure and destination are 4 key pieces of information you have not furnished. When you ask such specific questions it's necessary for us to know these things. Generally, if you're booking a 2-person cabin you have to pay for 2 cabin tickets, no economy ticket holders allowed, so that means you pay €79 each or €158 total. Using the HS booking function be sure you've entered 2 passengers. That should give you the correct price for the both of you, not just one. If you are booking for a man and a woman and it's a 4-person cabin you either pay separately for one berth in an all-male cabin and one berth in an all-female occupied cabin, meaning you won't be together, or you pay for all 4 berths which effectively doubles the fare you would normally pay but allows you to be together.

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Thanks Lee! It's for my girlfriend and I. We would probably just pay the extra for a 2 bed cabin. So we would just need to pay for 2 cabin tickets then?

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It is per person not per cabin. If one of you buys a cabin ticket and one an economy ticket you will have a surprise when the passenger who purchased the cabin ticket becomes your roommate (same gender). That is the way this works, they will fill the cabin. You need to book a 2 person cabin and have the appropriate tickets.