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Blue Star Ferry from Paros to Athens - September

Hi, Myself and my partner shall be travelling from Paros Island to Athens around mid September this year and I am wondering if anyone can provide advise on the difference in the seating on the Blue Star Naxos ferry as not sure what to chose and if we should book in advance please. Thanks in advance.

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Looks like that's an overnight ferry (though not a very long night) and my preference (based on other overnight ferries) would be to book an inside cabin (not to pay more for a window). My experience with reserved, aircraft-type seats on a ferry is that I did not sleep any better than on an airline. Without a reserved seat, you will find a place for yourself, but won't sleep well.

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In September there's a 10:45 MORNING departure for Athens/Piraeus on a Blue Star car ferry and I think it's a daily departure. The trip takes about 4 hours so if it were me I'd just buy a ticket for a lounge with reserved, Aircraft-style seating, which is only a few euro more than the basic economy ticket. That way I'd be able to get up and walk around without fear of someone poaching my place. Advance purchase isn't needed in September. Just wait until you're on Paros and buy your tickets there.