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🚕Best taxi app? Welcome PickUps or BiTaksi or Uber?

Honestly I’m not sure if the latter 2 are even offered in Greece.

I was just advised to be cautious when getting in a taxi in Greece, so I plan on using an app that will be prearranging most of my travels.

I remember several people mentioning Welcome pickups, but on this forum you can search a topic, (If you can, I apologize now. I’m oblivious).

And please, if you have a better suggestion I’m all ears. Thank you for your time in responding to my request.

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Go to the top of this page. You will see a big box with the word "search" in it. Type in your request.

I've used Welcome Pickup twice and will use them again.

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Since you didn't find the information, I'm reposting the one about Uber:

Since 2018 and following protests by taxi drivers Uber has stopped its activities in Greece.

You can still use the Uber application but you will get a professional licensed drivers, ie either an official taxi or a professional driver approved by the authorities

As for Bitaksi, if it works on the same principle as Uber, the answer is the same (never heard of Bitaksi in Greece)

The only application that I know that works not too badly in Greece is "Beat" it is also used only by official taxi drivers.

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Here is the welcome pickups onlline link -- it compares its service to that of a taxi or Metro or Bus It gives the flat-rate taxi fare as 38€ by day vs. Welcome Pickups €38 by day If the former has gone up, the W-P price will match it. You pay via credit card when booking ... the driver meets you at baggage claim with a sign with your name on it.

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Depending on where your hotel is located and the luggage you have it might be just as easy to use the Blue Line Metro to either Syntagma Square or Monastiraki Square, witha possible transfer inside the city to the rRd Line or Green Line, which will save you a lot of money and get you into Athens by avoiding all the traffic in the streets.