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Best place to spend an extra 7 days in Greece (near Athens)

Hi. We have 7 days to spend in Greece after our 15 day guided land tour. (Oct 8-15). Where is the best place that is near Athens, on the coast, can walk into town to the restaurants and pubs, and rent a nice 2bedroom villa? Any recommendations? Thanks

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Hi. It will be taking us to the following:

-4 days in Athens
-5 days visiting Corinth, Nafplio, Mycenae, Olympia, Patras,Delphi, meteroa, kalambaka, Thermopylae,
-Mykonos (3 days),
-Santorini (3 days).

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Well, Im not the best person to answer this because Im only going to Greece for the first time this summer, BUT, I have studied a lot and here's what comes to mind after reading the list of places you will already have visited:

The islands just north of Athens; Skiathos or Skopelos. I recall reading a trip report on these forums describing a trip to Skiathos that made me question my whole itinerary ;p When I search Skiathos in the box above, I see a lot of information about these two islands just on this forum and within the last year. Skiathos has an airport, from what Im reading, so you could fly there and back to Athens, or be able to take a ferry there and back if you prefer. Below is one description of the islands in that cluster, but I would read around this forum first/too:

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It's not near Athens, but Crete is filled with great sights, beaches, and hikes. I haven't been to Chania but many on this board love it as a base for exploring the island. Rethymnon, to the east, might be another good choice. A car would help but there's good enough bus service to see and do a lot. Chania has direct flights to and from Athens, or you might look into a long ferry ride if that appeals to you. But be sure you're somewhere near Athens airport the night before your flight home.

After your tour you'll know a lot about ancient Greek history, mythology, and architecture. Crete will take you a whole civilization back in time, to the Minoans.

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Crete was my other idea... Shania would be a good base and yes there are buses to most things you might like to visit or you could rent a car...

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We are heading to crete after 9days on mainland. Decided to take 9pm ferry from Athens, arriving in chania 6am. Booked private en suite room = maximizes time and is restful because no airport madness.