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Best of Cyclades?

We are travelling to Crete on June 17 (staying in Crete for 4days) and fly out of Mykonos on June 27th. Our original plan was for Folegandros, Paros and Naxos. We have come to our senses and decided to drop an island so as to enjoy our trip and not watch the clock. We definitely want to keep Naxos in the mix and are looking for a "suggestion" on a island. We realize they all have their own uniqueness and flavor and would appreciate your input.
Maybe use Naxos as a home base and ferry to Paros (idea from webdweeb)?
Stay Paros for 3 and Naxos for 3 (enough time on each?...too much?)

Stay longer at two different locations on Naxos ?
We value your input and look forward to hearing your ideas!!!
Constance and David

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Unfortunately we don't have much information on these islands since our researchers haven't gotten to them yet. I would still consider them but perhaps look at the Lonely Planet guidebook on the Greek Islands. Sorry we couldn't help more.

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From Crete, Santorini would be an obvious stop on the way to Naxos. Otherwise Paros is still in line on your way bach up the Cyclades as is Mykonos and Tinos.

I think you want to be careful choosing an island that may mean a complicated or lengthy ferry trip. Even though islands look close, there is a lot of "you can't get there from here" due to standard ferry routes and timing of ferries. Verify routes on one of the many Ferry websites for Greece.

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Hello there i live in Paros island so i believe that i can provide you with some information about the island.
yes worth it to stay 3 nights and more. The capital is Parikia where the port is you might need one day to see the sightss there the old town, the church of hundred doors(Ekantontapiliani) the ancient cemetary and take a walk across the beach of Livadia and maybe have
launch or dinner even a cold beer infront of the sea there are lots of restaurants across the sea one of my favorites is at mediterranean -greek kitchen.
For the rest of your days at the island you can rent a vehicle and hit the road to Lefkes its a traditional village up in the mountain perfect for a walk and can also try Piso livadi or Aliki or Drios and so many others here is list of our villages in Paros with photos and even more. You may find anything you may need to know about Paros

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You will find the most information and advice in the individual island forums within Tripadvisor's Greece forums. Each island has it's own forum and "Destination Experts" who can help you make your decision based on personal experience. Some experts actually live on these islands and some, like myself (DE for Santorini), have been there many times over the years and are happy to help you find the best islands for your holiday.