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Best means of transportation from Athens airport to Athenaeum Hotel

I will be getting in after a full day of travel. First time in Europe. Want a fast and efficient way to get to hotel. Thanks

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Taxis have a flat rate from airport to city center, best option. Get Euros feom ATM in airport to pay taxi.

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The fastest and most efficient method would be a taxi.

Athens Airport (ATH) - Athens City Center: 38 € and 50 € from midnight to 5am.

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I’ve used Welcome Pickups a couple of times recently and found them very efficient. They charge the same as a standard taxi but it saves waiting in line. You also pay in advance online which makes things easier.


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I agree a taxi would be the best answer. However, I took the metro from the airport to my hotel and it was EASY. Not knowing where your hotel is located, that may not be best?

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The flat-rate taxi is I think still €38, and is the easiest for a tired t raveler. The Metro, at I think now €8, is cheaper, and takes about the same time as a taxi, about 45-50 minutes to Syntagma Square. It's faster during 4 - 6 pm rush hour, but a "wash" when you consider the minutes required to get up escalators, stairs etc to reach street level.

It MAY be the best answer, if the inquirer's hotel is within a few blocks walk of Syntagma Square or Monastiraki Station, and if he/she is not to tired to stay alert to the pickpocketing hazards. Pickpocketing is not nearly as widespread in Athens as in other major European capitals, but is concentrated on the Metro lines from Airport & seaport (because these are likely to be full of tourists who are "Metro virgins" and who are still keep cash, cards, etc, in their pockets). If you choose the Metro, its right across from Airport building exit, and up an escalator. Cars are empty on entry, but by Syntagma may be very full, so choose a seat right by an exit, beware of jostling, and keep valuables safe. ALso, get ready to exit fast, since Metro doors are open only briefly.

My own choice -- which takes same road as taxi to Syntagma, same travel time outside of rush hour -- is the X95 Express bus, the bargain at €6 or 7, half-price for seniors. Leaves every 20 minutes right outside building exit, electronic ticket at nearby counter, you scan it as you enter. Pile luggage in central "pen" inside bus, sit down, and relax ... No one can get on, and only 1 - 2 stops en route, so no pickpocket anxiety. You can doze through the usual outskirts of any big city (car dealerships, business buildings etc) ... and when you see the Acropolis looming over apt. buildings, you'll know you're almost there. No rush to find bag and get off, because it's the last stop, and you step right onto the curb. The X95 is also handy for early-AM flights because it runs 24/7; Metro from ?6am to midnight.

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Usually I take public transportation, but for Athens, I took Welcome Pickups, as Alan suggested, and I loved the convenience and relaxation of being met at the arrivals door and escorted into Athens for almost the same money as a taxi.

And as this is your first time in Europe, I'd stress that this will make your arrival much less stressful. Do public transportation once you've gotten your feet wet, if you want. This time, take the easy way.