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Best/Fastest/Cheapest Transportation from Italy to Zakynthos, Greece

I would like your opinions about and recommendations for transportation from Italy (Rome, Venice, Bari, Brindisi) to Zakynthos, Greece. How is flying from Italy to Athens and then to Zakynthos via Aegean Air/Olympic Air? Other airlines? What ferry websites and ferry lines are the most reputable and reliable? I presume that train travel is not a consideration in this case. Thank you in advance.

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Train is indeed out of question. Either fly or ferry. Fastest will be to fly. Probably Rome to Athens and then to Zakynthos. My brother took the ferry from Bari to Pireus. He said it was OK. Air and ferry schedule of course depends on when you go.

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It would help to have further information on your travel circumstances. For example, when is this trip taking place and do you want the quickest method to Zakynthos?

The easiest and fastest option would probably be a direct flight from Rome to Zakynthos. I believe Vueling has direct flights on that route, however they may be seasonal and may not offer service any day (hence the request to have more information on your circumstances).