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Best day of the year for Greece!

I just mailed the final payment for our 2017 RS Greece tour! We had such a great time in Italy on the Venice, Florence & Rome tour last year that we decided to go to Greece this year. All my co-workers love to tease me about driving a 2005 Honda while they have Audi's, Acura's, Mercedes,etc. but I would much rather spend my money on traveling in Europe. I started 10 years ago when my 30 year old daughter decided that we needed to take a "father/daughter trip", the way it worked is she chose where we were going and how we would travel and I got to pay for everything (I know, shrewd deal). I was allowed a single backpack for luggage and off we went to Paris, Barcelona, Milan and ending up in Rome, we stayed at little mom and pop hotels, traveled on trains and metros, ate where the locals ate and had the best time of my life!! So now every year my wife and I travel to a new place in Europe, next year we're looking at the Germany, Switzerland & Austria tour.

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Sounds great! As long as your Honda gets you places, who cares :)

Have fun on your trip and report back, I am interested in the Greece tour too.

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I like your style, Donald. I'm driving an '98 Subaru, myself.

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I'm with ya, Donald. Don't even own a car, my TV set is 30 years old... but since '99 have made 12 extended trips to Greece.