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Best Akrotiri tours

Has anyone taken private tours from Fira to the ruins of Akrotiri? Looking on line it seems rather expensive??

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Private tours in Greece are never inexpensive, for an important reason. People cannot just set themselves up as tour guides on the basis of some quick reading and fast patter (like the jokesters on so many bus tours in large cities) ... In Greece one must be a licensed guide to take groups OR individuals inside of museums or sites. Licensing requires educational background several years of study and a stiff highly-competitive test, and usually fluency in several languages. Therefore, most licensed guides charge about 60E per hour, with a minimum. At some major ancient sites, you may see licensed guides who collect groups of 8-10 "on the spot" and take them thru for €15 apiece or so (I remember this occurring at Knossos in Crete), but you cannot count on that.

For some options, Here are 2 alternatives:
(1) VERY informative thread on Trip Advisor Read it all. It confirms the rates I gave above & gives recommends (Ingela is the best source; I know her personally, she lives & works on Santorini, and is very tuned in)
(2) D-I-Y alternatives -- I found this better for on-the-spot use than material in any of my many guidebooks -- print & take, include map & illustrations.
BTW, do not miss also going to the v. good museum (be sure to check hours; depending on month of visit, it may close at 2-3pm). Because most materials found on the site, have been removed, it requires the museum to appreciate the advanced culture.