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Best airline with best price for flying from Santorini to Athens

Is it better to have the travel company book that flight or do you get a better rate doing it yourself. Do you have to pay for luggage on any of these flights. I hear the ferry takes 8 hours. Do you think it is worth upgrading to business class on the ferries.

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You don’t need to pay a travel agent to book any flights for you. Check Skyscanner to see what it available. Santorini is so far south that it is better to fly. We have used ferries between islands and on a longer route we did upgrade to business seats.

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This website will show you what flights are available on your travel day:

Read the baggage rules for the airlines you choose by going to their website.

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Best airline? I believe your only two choices are Olympic / Aegean and Ryanair.

Both are easy to book yourself, both charge for luggage.

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4066 posts shows five different carriers selling tickets between those two airports, for a flight of about 45 minutes. Note that Olympic and Aegean are sister airlines.

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It is confusing to say "both airlines charge for luggage." To be precise, Olympic/Aegean have 2 economy classes -- one is called "Go Lite" the cheaper, and the other is "Flex." Both allow you a smallish "personal bag" to carry on -- but NOT the "rollaboard size.

"Go lite" does not give you a free checked bag .... a checked bag costs u €18 if signed up for online, €35 if you pay at check-in, and €50 at the gate. "Flex" allows one checked bag, plus other advantages ... ability to change flights without a change fee, refundable on cancellation etc etc. See website for exact size & weight limits on luggage.

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We flew Olympic/Aegean last Sept. Santorini>Athens using the Flex option as mentioned per Janet. We booked online well in advance and paid €78 for the two of us. We did business class on Blue Star from Athens to Naxos.

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Yes, read the luggage requirements carefully as that increases the price quite a bit. Ryanair also only allows 1 personal item on its base fare and has different levels like Olympic/Aegean.

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We flew from Athens to Santorini on Ryanair. I booked online and it was very easy and straight forward. You also check-in online as well. I think it was something like 30-60 days before your flight. It was very cheap as most of the flights in Europe are. I don't remember what we paid but not much and we had our bags in the hold. I read lots of bad reviews about Ryanair but found the flight and everything associated with it was just fine. I would fly with them again. Enjoy Santorini it gets crazy crowded when the cruise ships are in.