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Backpacking Greece?

Hello, everyone! I am currently on my second week of my European whirlwind for 3 months. I've been to a bit of the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and just starting in Germany as we speak and as I expected before leaving, the weather has been less than stellar. I knew the second half of my trip (Italy, Spain, etc) was going to be much better, so I didn't think I would mind the temporary bad weather, haha.

Anyways, I have been mapping out an ideal timeline of where I'll end up after x amount of time and seeing how many days I plan for each city, and I have about a week-ish that is unaccounted for. I am considering flying to Athens mid-May and visiting Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

Thus begs a few questions to help me out:
- how many days would you plan for each of the 3 locations listed above?
- any flight advice? Ferry advice? I'd be much more inclined to book as early as possible.
- would the weather even be that nice in Greece at that time of the year?
- how centrally located are the ideal spots on each stop from the ports?
- how expensive is island life in May?

Thanks for your help and consideration.

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Island life is cheap, especially if staying in a smaller pension or private apartment, and weather can be really lovely in May. Don't worry about booking ferries ahead; schedules can be affected by many factors and you have to allow some flexibility, so booking a day ahead is common. Island flights are typically on Aegean/Olympic, but see also Many people don't get all around these islands but stick fairly close to the port towns; buses, taxis, or rental vehicles can help you get further afield.