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ATT "Passport Data Plan" for GREECE - question for recent ATT visitors to Greece

Hi All
As a long time ATT iPhone user I usually sign up for the Passport 1-month plan for all my international travels. My question is for fellow ATT users who recently went to Greece. I have checked the archives and never found a recent answer to my specific question below:

Is there decent "Vodaphone" (local carrier) coverage at locations during the RS Greece tour as you travel around the Peloponnese (and do the hotels have decent free WiFi)? I ask only so I know how much of a plan to use during the trip. (light or heavy data plan).

Note: I know there are many other/cheaper prepaid plans, other-carriers, and skype and voip solutions that are great for some but Im not interested in those so no need to re-hash that debate about local SIM/Burner-phones etc. - as an IT guy I know what has worked for me in other parts of EU, SoAm, Asia, so hoping to find specific quick answer to this simple Greece ATT question! :) Tour dept recommended calling ATT which was not much help frankly, since I already checked and yes they do show partner Vodaphone coverage but only high level map. Was hoping for input from a user. Thanks much!

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I can't help with your specific Greece question, but as a fellow AT&T user I have called their business customer service line and got better and more informed help. Their clientele tends to be on the road more and they seemed to have a better handle on international issues. I haven't tried it recently, but give it a shot - worst case they transfer you to back to cattle class.