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Athens to Santorini


I am arriving in Athens from the US on Aug 24 and then from there plan to catch a flight to Santorini which is booked on a seperate ticket. I have 2 hours2, if all goes well, before the Santorini flght. My questions are: is two hour enough time and in order to catch my flight to Santorin will I have to go though customs or can I just go straight to my flight.

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  1. Yes, you have to go through immigration.
  2. That should be enough time unless your arrival flight is delayed
  3. I chose to buy a slightly more expensive ticket Athens to Santorini, which meant I could change flights for free. In my case, I changed it to earlier, rather than later - but either way would work.
  4. Or be prepared to buy a new ticket to Santorini if you have a problem.
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If your flight from the US is non-stop then you will have to go through Passport Control and Customs in Athens, but if your flight stops in another EU airport on the way to Greece for a change of planes you will be processed in that airport, so once you get to Athens all you have to do is collect your luggage and go. But either way, 2 hours should be plenty of time.

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Just to add to the advice you have received, here is the process you will go through after you land in Athens.
Two hours for a connection in Athens airport is fine.

Here is what you can expect when you arrive.
1)go to passport control. This might take a few minutes. Your passport will be checked and stamped. The longest time we have experienced was 30 minutes when 4 transatlantic flights all arrived at the same time.
2)Pick up your bags
3)Pass through the exit door. That door has a sign that says Nothing to Declare. That was customs. You are now in public area of arrivals level.
4) go up to the next level, stairs elevator or escalator.
5) Aegean and Sky Express both allow you to print your boarding pass 48 hours before your flight. So, all you have to do is drop off your luggage. You can go to the Aegean or Sky Express kiosk or as I recall there is a machine where you can print your own luggage tags.
6) right near that luggage tag machine you will see the bag drop off conveyor, drop your bags.
7) go to security. Athens airport has an exceptionally efficient security check process.
8) head to your gate. You will likely have time for your first Mythos Greek beer on the way.

Have a great time