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Athens to Aegina to Peloponnese

My wife and I are in the early planning stages of exploring the Peloponnese by car. We considering traveling around the October 2024 timeframe and are planning to arrive in Athens. We do not have firm dates for any of our trip but are hoping to make our way to Piraeus to rent a car and take a ferry to Aegina and possibly spend 2 nights. From there, we somehow hope to take a ferry to the Peloponnese. We are hoping Methena or Poros might be an option for us. It's been difficult to find a ferry that will allow cars. Has anyone ever taken a ferry from Aegina to the mainland side of Greece like this before? Once on the Peloponnese mainland (if it's possible from Aegina) we'll spend the bulk of the next 7-10 days exploring the region. Then hoping to route our way to explore Olympia and Delphi as we drive back to Piraeus to return our car and then perhaps end our stay in Athens before heading back home.

We are thinking since we really would like to focus our trip on the Art, History, Food, People that this would be a fun and interesting trip route. Does anyone have any recommendations for us?

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The ferry company with which you can travel with a car is Saronic ferries. These are the ferries that make the route Piraeus→Aegina→Methana→Poros.

However from mid September there are no daily ferries but only 2 to 3 times a week (mainly Saturdays and Sundays)

Other daily ferries are small catamarans where you cannot board with a car.

Therefore, in October there is a good chance that if you take a Piraeus→Aegina ferry on a weekend, you will only be able to continue to Methana on the same weekend, or the next weekend.

If you want to go to an island (with a car) from the Peloponnese, go to Kythira island by taking the Triton Ferries "Porfyrousa" from the port of Neapoli.

Neapoli↔Kythira ferry schedule 2024:

Or travel before mi-september.

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While Aegina is a nice island it may be difficult to do what you want by taking a car on a ferry from Piraeus then try to get a ferry to Poros/Methana.

Why not just go straight to Poros via ferry and pick up a car on Poros (Attica Cars), spend a few days on Poros which is a lovely island and then take the ferry with the car to the mainland and explore the Peloponnese.

You can then return to Poros to drop off the car and ferry back to Piraeus.

Far less complicated and you still get a nice island experience on Poros.

I would spend as much time in the Peloponnese as possible as it has everything any island offers and more.

If interested check out my trip report of Peloponnese from another forum: