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Athens subway access

We'll be in Athens for several days next fall. My wife has trouble with stairs and we try to minimize them. Can anyone tell us about stair-avoiding access to the subway? Especially in the central stations where the major sights are? We can handle a few steps, but want to avoid long flights of stairs if possible.

Thanks in advance (and I'll thank you later too!

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Yes, there are escalators & elevators at the subway stations in Athens.

Using the Metro is very easy in Athens. We took it from the airport to the city center then to Piraeus to catch the ferry boat.

You may want to refer to this website that gives you detailed information regarding traveling in Athens
for people with mobility issues:

Keep in mind that it's quite an uphill trek to get to the Acropolis but there is also an elevator for people that need it,
you can get more information here:

My mom & I were in Athens a few years ago, and I was not aware of this elevator at the Acropolis.

My mom is elderly and it took us some time to climb up to the Acropolis, but she made it!

Enjoy your trip!

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About that elevator to Acropolis, getting the use of it is iffy. Just the fact of having trouble with stairs, or a gimpy leg is not enough; one needs advance reservation & specific time appt. to use it, and from what I've been able to ascertain from friends of mine (Destination Experts in athens for Trip Adv) you can't get it just by the limited mobility of ordinary aging... usually wheelchair or crutches, or a MD's note attesting to serious disability would be needed. If u get use of the lift an escort is permitted. However, it would be vital to RE-check the day before, to assure that an attendant to run the lift will be on hand. Alas, cases are known when reservation & appts are solid, yet somehow... no attendant is there. Folks, it's Greece. Check, recheck, and doublecheck.

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Thanks to you all. We're ready to tackle the Acropolis, the reward is well worth it. Not so ready to do a lot of stairs just for the subway, but it looks like we'll be good on that score. My wife lived in Greece 48 years ago and we're glad to hear things have modernized somewhat, where it matters most. Thanks again, Dick