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Athens Plaka to Archeological Museum

I'm planning a trip to Greece in the fall and I have a very basic question about sightseeing in Athens. Reading RS and others, I see it is always recommended to taxi or train from the Plaka "tourist zone" to the Archeological Museum, but I see on the map that they are not quite a mile and a half apart. The street named Oktovriou is almost a straight shot to the museum from the Plaka area to the museum, it seems likely that a visitor could get to the museum without getting lost. Is there some circumstance (traffic, safety, neighborhood, etc.) that would discourage a visitor from simply walking?
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No problem at all doing the walking. perfectly safe. I wouldnt walk thru Omonia Square, not because it's at all dangerous by day, but lots of traffic and not very interesting... usually the taxi suggestion is because so many people come in midsummer when it's REALLY HOT... but fall is lovely. I have done the walk several times (see this fab map -- -- click & it gets huge; navigate w side-slides) One interesting way to go is to head straight up from Mitropoleos (Cathedral) to TOWN HALL square, then turn right, to take either Stadiou (boring big avenue tall bldgs). or Panepistimou. Right in the entry to City Hall square is a glass-topped "look-down" at an ancient road uncovered a few years ago when doing street improvements.... It shows ruts from chariot wheels, from 2400 years ago!!.

Once I went on Panepistimou - El Venizelou ... because u walk by all those impressive Classic Style Bldgs - the Univeristy - Natl Library - etc ... built in ??1920s?? but Classic. As I passed the Pedestrianized Square (KORAI on the map) -- I beheld an unusual spectacle, a small orchestra (I found out it was a Natl Symphony Ensemble) playing STRAUSS WALTZES... and in front of them, a woman in full ball-gown dress and a Man in a Light Blue Tailcoat were doing classic Viennese Waltzes. Just an ordinary June Afternoon in Athens!

One thing that one should NOT do is take an ordinary local bus or streetcar... because unlike taxis, restaurants, all retail shops,.. the drivers speak little or no English, and if the bus/trolley suddenly makes a turn & heads off in an unknown direction, none of the passengers can help u out either.

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The walk is quite easy. Part of it (in Plaka) is a pedestrian mall with food and shops. The area around Omonia Square is a little dirty but just keep walking. I don't think I'd do the walk at night, but during the day is no problem.

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Check google maps. You can take the subway to near the Archeological museum. I took the subway in Athens. I don't remember whether I took the subway or walked the entire distance, to the Archeological museum. You don't want to tire yourself by doing excessive walking, or at least consider taking the subway there and walking back.

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We were in Athens last week and stayed near the Plaka area. We walked everywhere including to the Acropolis museum and the Acropolis itself. It took about 10 minutes and was an interesting stroll with plenty of restaurants and shops along the way not to mention people watching. If staying further away than Plaka there is a metro stop in front of the Acropolis museum.

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I believe the OP is talking about the Archeological museum and not the Acropolis museum.

Or are you?

Don't miss the Acropolis museum.

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We took the subway to the archeological museum. It was simply an energy saving move. The area is a bit seedy which is probably why the recommendation for a taxi but it never felt unsafe.

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The simplest way if you do not want to walk is to take the trolley bus line 15 from Syntagma (EL Venizeloy "is displayed on the front of the bus. The stop for the museum is the 3rd stop" Polytexneio "

the journey will last only a few minutes and you can resume the same trolley bus back (PETRALONA display").

Do not be afraid to take the bus or tram in Athens, it's really very convenient. you can download the application OASA Telematics that will help you use the public transport network in Athens

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Heat. Why walk on the heat when you can just get Uber for 5 euro? I just took uber 2 days ago from Monastiraki to the Museum for this price.

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Thanks everybody, and yes, I meant the Archeological Museum, but intend to visit the Acropolis Museum as well. I love to walk in cities and will be visiting in fall, so if weather is good, I'll do the walking. These suggested routes are a great help.