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Athens Photo Ops?

Besides the typical "iconic" locations (acropolis, parthenon, agora, plaka, syntagma square) in Athens, what other locations are good for some photographic work in Athens?

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There are numerous . . . numerous . . . numerous areas of Athens to burn up your digital camera's battery:

Central Markets
Psiri District
Keramikos Cemetery
University Buildings reminiscent of Ancient Structures
Lycabettus Hill
Hadrian's Arch
Temple to Olympic Zeus

Many other areas that you can wander around and just about everywhere you'll find something to photograph, ancient, old and modern!

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there's so much to take pictures of you might get tired of taking pictures. "yeah great, another house. yay, another church". you can't spit without hitting a church in Athens.

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As an example of a well-edited album by a friend that doesn't overwhelm you with duplicate column views: .... Opportlunities ae EVERYWHERE; I am not a great photographer, but some day I would like to pull together the oddities I've encountered in Athens ... in the grassy hillocks of the Ancient agora, small tortoises.. mating!! ... on the wide avenue fronted by the Ntional Library, the National Academy, Athens University... (a ROW of classical buldings), i encountered a chamber-size orchestra in a small park, playing Strauss, while tailcoated gents waltzed sparkly-gowned women around. !!! In the national Garden, walking down a path enroute to the Benaka museum, i almost tripped across a low wrought-iron chain... blocking off a 3-yard long exquisite mosaic walkway!!!! I guess there are so many of such, they don't even plut them in museums anymore, they just leave them & put up a chain. And when walking back from Nat Acrop Museum, I detoured through TownHall square (and snapped a film crew doing a TV ad for luxury cars), then walked down the start of ERMOU and Lo! there was glassed-in place to view ancient ruins below. Twenty feet away, with a modern office building built OVER It, another glassed-in view-spot of ... guess what? preserved TRACKS of CHARIOT WHEELS more than 2,000 years old! So just keep your eyes open.

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We were there in fall of 2014 and boy were there ever photo opportunities. First of all, the food. It doesn't just taste good, it looks good too. I took a picture of almost all my meals before I ate them and just looking at them I can remember how good the dishes were. When you are going through historic sites look at the stone fragments laying around, there are some great detail shots there. Little Anafi has a picture (or multiple) beckoning to be taken around every corner. Keramikos Cemetery for not just great shots of some unique headstones but also the remains of the town walls, gates, and a market as well as views of the massive town wall panning up to the Acropolis in the distance. Any set of steps you come across, and there are a lot of them. The little bits of ancient Greece or Rome with modern Athens around them. Any of the Churces you come across. And I would say just wander some of the off the main road pedestrian streets for great slice of life Athens ambiance.

Have a great time!