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Athens or surrounding area: itinerary suggestions for December 25 & 26


We will be arriving in Athens on Dec 24. I believe that all sites are closed on December 25 & 26. Would appreciate suggestions of areas to visit/things to do on those two days.

Will there be any concern of restaurants being open on those days?

Thank you!

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You're right the sites will be closed, and there is little public transport on the 25th.

A good bet, assuming the weather is OK, is a walk on Filopappou, the hill opposite the Acropolis. There is a small monument on the top and great views back across to the Parthenon. We've written up some directions. The second walk down on this page

The whole pedestrianised walk around the Acropolis - along Robertou Galli and Apostolos Pavlos - is worth doing. It's also worth noting that while you can't get into the Acropolis you can get onto the Aeropagos just below it.

In terms of eating pretty much everywhere outside Plaka, the central tourist area, will be closed but most places in Plaka are open. We sometimes spend Christmas night in the Byzantino which generally has a lively atmosphere. It also has an outside area with very effective space heaters. Again we've written it up

Have a great trip. We really like Athens at that time of year, even though places are closed.



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One area that most tourist don't go to regardless of time of year is Anafiotika, the Greek "island" on the north side of the Acropolis. With its white-washed houses, narrow lanes and lovely views (Athens, not ocean) you'll never realize you are in a city of millions. One wild and exciting area of Athens is the Central Markets on Athinas St. where locals do their shopping. It's a once-in-a-lifetime place to hang out and see what's available regardless if you don't buy anything.

Even if a lot is closed on those days that doesn't mean you can't wander around various districts of Athens and take in the sites.