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Athens or Athens Day Trip suggestions

Background. Next October I will arrive in Athens after 3 weeks of travel. The first two weeks are on a Gate 1 tour in Turkey and then I take a one week Azamara Cruise from Istanbul to Athens. Right now I am thinking about two full days before I fly home. I will have already been to Santorini, Nafplio, and the Acropolis. I know myself, and after about 3 weeks of travel I am ready to head home.

These are the questions I have. If I stick to the 2 full days, what would be your suggestions? I could either stay in Athens or take a day tour in the region. Do you think I will regret not adding a few more days to explore? If I added days, where would you go? I should add that I am happy to travel by public transport or day tours, but I would not drive.

Thanks in advance for your input. I'm tying to balance the desire to see more with the realization that I will be close to my travel "limit."

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If you like ruins, a day trip to Mycenae and Epidurus. In Athens, the Archeological Museum.

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You stated you have been to the Acropolis which is in Athens.

How long were you in Athens for your Acropolis visit?

Sounds like you've been to Athens but didn't say how much of Athens you saw.

Athens deserves a minimum of 2 days with 3 better.

There's more to Athens than just the archeological sites and most everything one goes to Athens for is in a relatively small area so it's a easy to walk to them.

A day trip could be to one of the Saronic Islands which are some of the closest to the mainland. Aegina or Agistri would be ideal with Aegina having everything one would want in a Greek Island and Agistri is known for it's beautiful beaches and family atmosphere.

Athens will be crowded, hectic and even chaotic depending on where you go but an island like Agistri would be great to chill out, lay around on a beach and go on easy walks & hikes.

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I haven't been to Athens before, but I will visit the Acropolis on my arrival day which is the day before these two full days I am asking about.

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In Athens, I highly recommend two smaller museums that are near each other, my favorite, The Cycladic Museum, and also the Benaki Museum.
Also go to the top of Lycabettus Hill which is centrally located . There is a funicular to get to the top and you will be rewarded with sweeping views of Athens all the way to the sea.

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Aside from the Acropolis there are enough things to do and see in Athens to keep you busy for more than a week.

Around ten archaeological sites, more than 50 museums, markets, gardens, monuments, neighborhoods, places with viewpoints, etc.

So it all depends on your preferences.
And staying in Athens or going outside of Athens also depends on your preference and how you accept going from one place to another in the noise, pollution and crowds of Athens.

Know in advance that you will have to walk.

See the official Athens city website:

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...there are enough things to do and see in Athens to keep you busy for more than a week...So it all depends on your preferences...

Agree completely! Spending both days in Athens will give you a chance to wind down before the long trip home. One of our favorites in Athens is the Ancient Agora. One of the best preserved temples is there, and it's really cool to walk the same streets as some of the wisest greeks.