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Athens, Mykonos & Santorini

My daughter (21) and I are planning Greece mid May this year for 12 days. Preliminary itinerary as follows:
5/9 Travel from Calif
5/10 Arrive in Athens at 10am. Hit the ground running for some sightseeing ???
5/11 Ferry or fly to Mykonos
5/12 Mykenos
5/13 Mykenos
5/14 Mykenos to Santorini
5/15 - 19th Santorini
5/19 to Athens
5/20 Travel home
Questions - Should we spend more time in Athens? Which beach area's in Mykonos would be recommended for staying at that are fun, with beautiful and hopefully warm beaches but not overly crazy with the party scene? Would a ferry be recommended for travel between Mykonos and Santorini?
Any help would be greatful... Thank you!

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Fly out to Mykonos when you first arrive without leaving the airport for Athens. Save all your time on the mainland for the last days of your vacation so you aren't backtracking and so you will be back on the mainland with plenty of time to spare before your departure for home. Yes, the ferry between Mykonos and Santorini is recommended. It's a short ride, just a couple of hours and you don't have to return to Athens first the way you would if you were to fly.

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Thank you so much and makes sense to save the mainland for last. Do you have any recommendations for accommodations in a beach area of mykonos that is not too crazy with the party scene. Looking to spend around 300 euros per night.

Thank you,

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In May there is no party scene to speak of, until late evening in Mykonos town. The sun will be warm in early May, but if you are californians, used to swimming pools (nobody I know swims in the Pacific) --- the Aegean may seem VERY brisk on May 12... at least for the first 2-3 minutes, keep moving & you'll generate some heat & then it's just refreshing! You might also consider looking at hotels in & around Mykonos town that are attractive, with pools perhaps, and a view... and then take busses out to a beach.

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I will stay at the Mykonos Thea if I ever do go to Mykonos. Room rates are very reasonable for what you get and they are located on a quiet, semi-private beach.

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I have been to Athens three times and love the history there. You seem to be ignoring Athens, except for a short time at the beginning and end.

I have been to Mykonos twice and Santorini once and very much enjoyed both. We did a tour to the nearby island of Delos from Mykonos. If you are at all interested in Ancient Greek history, this is a must see. Of course, the Acropolis with the incomparable Parthenon is as well.

Not sure by someone from California would spend lots of travel money just to visit beaches in Greece? Santorini doesn't really have beaches, but it has some amazing Minoan ruins. Of course, its quaint villages on the side of hill is great.

If you do go to Mykonos, recommend Nikos Restaurant in the village close to the port.

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You are most definitely short changing Athens. A fascinating city which oozes history. Minimum two full days needed.
I echo geovagriffith sentiment on why you want beaches when you live in CA?

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Have you tried swimming in the sea in California in May? Brrrr!