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Athens Layover

Hello all. I know this has been asked several times, but I wanted to get the most current info. We will be in Athens in two weeks and will have around a 7 hour layover between the 12:15 landing time and 19:10 takeoff on Aegean to Santorini. Is that enough time to get out of the airport, take the metro to somewhere like the Plaka for lunch and a little browsing and get back to the airport in plenty of time for the 19:10 flight?

Thanks in advance.

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The Blue Line Airport Metro takes 45 minutes each way, plus you will spend more time leaving the plane and finding your way to the Metro Station coming and going, plus the time it takes to find your departure gate once you're back at the airport, so expect your 7 hours to be more like 4-4.5 maximum as long as you have your ATH-JTR boarding passes in hand and you don't have to deal with your luggage before you attempt to do this. That's enough time for a quick trip into town. Get off at the Monastiraki Station and you'll be right on the edge of the Plaka.

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Hi Todd:
You are really pushing it for time to see anything and get an appreciation of what you are seeing. IF your plane is on time and IF you get to the Metro which takes you to Monistiraki Sq. every 30 minutes on the half-hour and you know where you are going you might get to see (from afar) the Acropolis and maybe have lunch in the Plaka District but you will be rushing and really not enjoying yourself. You have to take into account of getting back to the airport and checking in and going through security again which will take more time than if you were staying at the airport. I don't think you can really do a whole lot in the time-frame you have without being frazzled.

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Athens airport is smaller and easier to navigate than most major airports and the Metro system seems relatively reliable. But your earlier plan had you spending 4 nights in Athens at the end of the trip, which makes this possible stress unnecessary at the start, when you may be jet-lagged, etc.

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True. We are spending the last 4 days in Athens and we won't want to be rushing around after the long flight. I was just trying to avoid lounging around the airport for hours and my understanding was that its in the middle of nowhere. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks to all!