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Athens hotel - Philippos or Attalos?

We are two adults and two intrepid kiddos (11/13 yo). Arriving very late into Athens, getting airport/hotel transfer, and then two days of power-touring before taking off for the countryside.

Anyone have recommendations for one hotel over the other? The prices are more or less comparable for our dates.

Main questions:
- Does one have the better location for a surgical strike in Athens (2 days, mostly visiting Acropolis/museums/some Byzantine churches/some Plaka wandering)?
- Restaurants for breakfast/lunch/dinner nearby? (We prefer to find interesting local places for meals, rather than do the hotel breakfast if at all possible)

The two locations are mapped here:,+Mitseon,+Athens,+Greece/Attalos+Hotel,+Athinas+29,+Athina+105+54,+Greece/@37.9728924,23.7226245,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x14a1bd1a74b472cf:0xb0eefebe2565db41!2m2!1d23.727305!2d37.967612!1m5!1m1!1s0x14a1bd235ca6e44f:0x9351e289fa1f5e08!2m2!1d23.7264547!2d37.9784464!3e2

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IF the prices are the same, I would choose Phillipos... for location. It is located SOUTH Of the ACropolis grounds, and streets/ lanes are small, and many of them are car-free, so you dono't have the heavy traffic that passes Attalos and the hubbub of Monastiraki Square. South side of the Acropoilis "precinct' is bordered by a wide pedestrianized promenade... in fine weather, before dinner, the Athenians hava a "volta" a walk-around, baby carriaages, kiddies on tricycles, icecream men, balloon-sellers. Nice.

The South entry to the Acropoli is right on this promenade and so is the Acropolis Museum... and when u go there, its a fine place for lunch... 1 floor up, a glassed-in terrace looking ruight up at the Parthenon... and prices are decent. Also near the end of this walkway is AKROPOIS MEtro stop, and a line of cafes for breakfast, pizza, snacks. ANd on the lst block of promenade (just before the bigggg roadway Amelia) is FRESKO, a delightful frozen-Yogurt place. (I discovered it back in 2011, when it was brand-new, the FIRST frozen-yogurt place in all of Athens, run by a young American from Kansas & the Greek girl he met & married in Athens).

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I always stay at the Attalos and it's perfect for me. Clean, safe, centrally located and a wonderful rooftop bar/sitting area with spectacular views of the Acropolis and all of Athens.

Short walk to Monistiraki and the start of the tourist zone. Even closer to the Central Markets for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Lots of options for small locally-owned shops of all kinds.

While it is busy during the day it gets very quiet at night once shops close. You won't hear any noise from Monistiraki.

I haven't been to Philippos but heard good things about it.

As stated it may depend on your budget and other considerations.

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All I can add is we stayed 3 nights at the Attalos Hotel back in 2016 and enjoyed our stay.