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Athens Hidden Gem Restaurant Recomendations Wanted: Between Plaka and Syntagma

We have Rick Steve's guidebook for Greece with a listing of restaurant recommendations in Athens. Just wondered if anyone has any "hidden gem" restaurants that they could recommend for our first time visit to Athens. Thank you.

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The neighborhood up the hill from Syntagma is named Kolonaki, Athen’s more upscale neighborhood. There are many good restaurants in this area. One is an Athenian taverna, Kafeneio, Loukianou, 26. We sat outside under the trees, excellent.

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Eillein - I dined in these three restaurants in the area. All have excellent cuisine. They are nestled between the narrow streets.

Taverna Saita - Kidathineon 21, Athina 105 58, Greece Phone: +30 21 0322 6671

Aspro Alogo - Apollonos, Athina 105 57, Greece Phone: +30 21 0322 0551

Geros Tou Moria Restaurant (A must for first time visitors) - Address: Mnisikleous 27, Athina 105 56, Greece Phone: +30 21 0322 1753

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If you are open to the area just south of the Acropolis we highly recommend Mani Mani. It was our favorite restaurant in Athens and a short 8 minute walk from the Plaka area. We considered it a "hidden gem!" We ate there 3 nights. We made reservations in advance.

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It all depends on what you are looking for?

Traditional, non-touristy taverna?

High-end or reasonable budget?

In the midst of the tourist zone?

Lots of options but a couple of my favorites are Atlantiko in Psiri and Epirus in the Central Markets on Athinas St.

Atlantiko is in a small side alley with no traffic. Low key and some of the best and least expensive seafood in Athens along with other goodies.

Epirus is in the midst of the Central Markets. It's a cafeteria style place where you pick the food from the serving area. Simple but very Greek and not many tourists.

If you are into mezzes (appertizers) and quality Ouzo check out Ouzeri Karyiannis also in the Central Markets. It's small and usually just locals hanging out. You're paying for the Ouzo not the mezzes but the more Ouzo you drink the more mezzes!

My "Go-To-Place" every time in Athens is To Theikon across the street from the Central Markets. It's a grill house with outside dining only. Right in the midst of everything Greek without the hordes of tourists with great food, low prices and quick service.

Most of my favorites are not over-the-top restaurants, expensive and serving food that looks like a work of art. They are earthy, low-to-mid budget with piles of delicious food and simple presentation. Don't forget to order the house wine rather than the expensive stuff. It's pretty good.

Here's a link of photos I've taken of many tavernas and meals I've had all over Greece including a number in Athens. Hover your curser over the photo to get a description and usually a location.

One of the best reasons to go to Greece is Greek Food!:

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Thank you for all these great restaurant tips. We are mostly looking at reasonable budget restaurants, and one big splurge restaurant. I really appreciate all these great tips!