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Athens Greece April 2022

We will be in Athens, Greece in April, we would like to spend 3 days on an island and also do a day trip to Hydra should I book a hotel in advance and or ferry tickets in advance or wait till I am ready to go/or arrive to the Island or get there. Does anyone know if we can also get to the Corinth canal by public transport?

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Note that the Corinth Canal was closed again recently (in mid-January) due to the collapse of a wall.

Not sure if it's open again, but if it's not open by April there won't be cruise possibilities (if that's what you had planned)

For ferry and accommodation bookings, the second half of April will be the Easter period, so it might be wise to plan a little in advance

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There is a big bus intersection - Korinthos - about 5 minutes walk from the bridge over the canal.

A lot of the buses from Athens to the Peloponnese stop there. It’s sometimes marked Isthmos. The Buses shown on this timetable as ‘Athina - Mikines, Argo, Nafplio’ will stop there. They are the same buses as those marked ‘ Isthmos – Mikines, Argos, Nafplio’. The second timetable just shows when they leave Isthmos, which gives you an idea of when they arrive there.

The bus station in Athens is Terminal A on Liossion. The Nafplio timetable just happens to be the one I have to hand. If you ask at the terminal I think you’ll find buses from there to Isthmus are more frequent than just the Nafplio buses.

That will get you to the bridge, where you’ll get a view of the canal. Is that where you want to be? If so, frankly, I don’t think it’s worth the trip :-)